About Us

J&J Building was founded in 2015, driven by a passion for offering high quality building services. J&J Building is a fully licensed and insured Canberra builder offering services all over the Australian Capital Territory.

Our Strengths

Our strengths are top notch quality of service and the ability to provide a wide range of building services.

Our Purpose

At J&J Building, our focus is on the quality of service we offer. Every project we take is completed to perfection. In order to ensure flawless quality, we only use licensed and trusted tradespersons for the job.

Seamless communication with our clients is a major priority at J&J Building. We project manage each job to ensure meticulous service and complete customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us at any time for queries you may have.

From preparing the quote to planning the project and overseeing execution, we offer complete bespoke solutions.

Jeremy Leoflath

Jeremy is the managing director of the company. He brings 18 years of experience in the construction industry to J&J Building. Jeremy trained in rural NSW where he gained a wide variety of skills in the process of building a house from start to finish. He has spent the last 12 years working in Canberra, mostly in residential construction, however Jeremy has also spent time working on bigger jobs within the commercial sector. He is a qualified carpenter and licensed builder with extensive experience in renovations, new home construction, and smaller projects such as decks, pergolas, and bathrooms. He is passionate about construction with interests in environmentally friendly construction methods and new design technologies.

Jeremy’s philosophy for business is based on the principles of quality workmanship and good customer service, and he prides himself on his reputation for providing both. He believes there is a significant difference between doing a job and doing a job well. His professional approach endeavors to understand the uniqueness of individual projects, treat every job with the time and care that clients deserve to ensure a positive building experience, with the aim of delivering on time and within budget.




HIA Greensmart Builder Canberra

Make The Intelligent Choice – Hire A HIA Greensmart Builder

Regardless of your living situation, there’s always room for improvement. If you do your homework, you’ll discover that an HIA Greensmart Builder is your best choice for home renovations. What’s more, you’ll find that the benefits are numerous – for the environment, your level of comfort and your back pocket. Not only will you find the finest workmanship with J&J Building, you’ll be delivered results that are aesthetically stunning and cost efficient.

Evaluate your next building project under the framework below, to determine how you could be adding value to your home.

Whether your preference is to choose environmentally sustainable builders, garner better cost efficiency from your current residence, or add value through investment, trust that J&J Building is best placed to deliver your custom solution.

What is a HIA Greensmart Builder?

The Housing Industry Association offers accreditation to builders who comply with industry standards of sustainability and green building initiatives. So, if you’re looking for an HIA Greensmart Builder in Canberra, look no further than J&J Building for fully licensed tradespersons operating to the highest standards of accountability in the ACT.

How Can You Improve Your Current Home?

J&J Building guarantees to deliver projects that lead to real improvements, to benefit you and your family.

By focusing on turning your existing home into a sustainably built home, you can modernise with features that deliver intelligent solutions. In particular, older homes can be retrofitted through projects that will make life more bearable, by bringing your home in line with more contemporary creature comforts.

Have You Measured Your Thermal Footprint?

Canberra is renowned for extreme temperatures, with freezing cold winters and sweltering summers. An HIA Greensmart Builder is accredited to evaluate your current home’s temperature controls, so you can trust in the knowledge that you’re choosing to upgrade under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Sustainable solutions allow for an icy cool welcome after a summer commute home, as well as toasty warm nights, when winter storms howl outside.

There are a number of ways to improve the heating of your home. An HIA Greensmart Builder takes your entire environment into consideration. Double glazed high performance windows could be your gateway to a more comfortable life. While keeping out noise, double glazed windows also retain heat, improving your home’s thermal performance.

Alternatively, your foundations could be compounding your issues of thermal regulation. By replacing insulation in your walls and ceilings, you’ll ensure more moderate temperatures, year-round. The cold might also be creeping in through faulty door seals. Or you could try retaining heat with heavier curtains and pelmets over windows and doors. All of these measures can be assessed by J&J Building, to stop unpleasant draughts and ensure your heating system is more efficient.

An added benefit to sustainable heating is that you’ll no longer require old, expensive oil or gas heaters. Your home will be naturally insulated, so you can start adding up the dollars you’ll save.

Can You Benefit from Smarter Illumination?

Your power bills may also take a battering due to the current lighting of your home. An HIA Greensmart Builder, like J&J Building, can make an informed assessment to determine how to best make the most of your home’s lighting configuration. For example, a house entirely lit with incandescent globes will save significantly by upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting.

Another building solution that might change your outlook is the installation of skylights. By bringing in natural sunlight, you’ll use less power during the day, and see your home bathed in a whole new light.

Could You Set Up Smarter Solar Solutions?

Harness the advantages of Canberra’s sunny climate. Lighting can be a drain on resources both inside and outside the home, so a combination of LED lighting and solar solutions can bring greater efficiency to your home.

If your hot water system is in need of an upgrade, make an informed choice when you replace it. A more efficient, or even a solar hot water system, is guaranteed to meet your needs and keep your bills under budget.

Solar energy has changed considerably in recent years. You may find that you’ll have enough solar energy to power your home, and perhaps even send energy back to the grid, to subsidise your energy bill.

Where Are You Wasting Water?

In addition to your water heater, you may require maintenance on your outdated water fixtures. With new taps and shower heads you can improve your water wastage by upgrading to products that score a higher WELS rating – as part of a water efficiency rating scheme.

To complement this upgrade, your HIA Greensmart Builder can recommend a rainwater management system, to capitalise on natural rainfall. Look into rainwater diversion, water tanks and irrigation systems, or take it one step further and invest in grey water recycling systems. A builder like J&J Building can even advise on whether government rebates are available for water saving measures, which will also save you dollars.

Have You Assessed Your Landscaping?

You might not have considered it, but your landscaping design may have a detrimental effect on your home’s energy efficiency. Australian native flora are far better suited to a Canberran climate, and will require less maintenance and less watering. By layering suitable plants and grasses in your garden, your home will instantly receive a more sustainable makeover.

In addition, the lay of the land may lend itself to water features that can have a significant effect on your home. A cooling breeze could soon circulate through your home as its swept across your outdoor pond, juxtaposed by shade inducing trees. You can work with J&J Building to block the summer sun, while allowing the winter sun to naturally warm your home.

By now you’ll no doubt be looking for an HIA Greensmart Builder in Canberra. You’re in luck, with J&J Building as your certified, reputable partner. Together, you are assured outstanding results that you never imagined possible. Every solution is tailored to the exact specifications of your home, your budget and your family’s lifestyle. You’ll fall in love with your modernised home, while saving money, energy and the environment. You’ll also add significantly to the resale value of your home by investing in the sustainability of its future.

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